My understanding is that a limen is a threshold.
              Limenal spaces are those that are neither this nor that, outside of typical social categories.
              Traditionally it has been the function of spiritual leaders, through the the use of ritual and austerities, to usher initiates into such limenal spaces as a rite of passage into new social identities.

              Such are the sacred spaces that Lilly would be familiar with in her work and that folks like me create in the process of helping people change in psychotherapy.

              Presumably, Baba also is providing a door for each of us.
              Once I thought He told me that he would move me through such a door in this or the next life.
              Now I don't know, it does not matter much, and I am not asking.
              Sometime, for sure, He will. Certainly daily existence is replete with opportunities for growth and change, if we can risk the ambiguity of moving into new spaces.
              Your doors evoke the mystery and wonder of such transformative possibilities.
              Nice idea. Nice work. Love.

              ~ Randall Overdorff (November 2, 2008)


              Laurent your photographs
              Are spiritual alignment,
              holds the codes
              back to mastery, and


              Humanity's path is clear

              The gate is open
              Your pictures
              Are messages
              Of an ancient way

              In the roof of the world
              Elysian fields

              The Greek roof --
              the seat of the higher Mind

              Able thus we are to be Here and There
              At the same time

              And thus there is no veil
              And thus there is no veil
              And I AM Home

              ~ Andrew Fynn (October 27, 2008)

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