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Current Projects

OMPOINT CURRENT PROJECTS (Scheduled and cranking):

Original Courseware

New Courseware - The Soul of Java: All About...

With sections to comprehensively teach all about Java classes, objects, methods, variables, and much much more, this series will be available on-line (HTML), as downloadable PDF files, and also as an upcoming published book.

Original Software
New Software - GrooveHaven by Laurent Weichberger and Jason Giedymin: Groovy language implementation of Java Portlet Framework (Java Specification JSR-168) using IBM Pluto portlet container reference implementation, in alliance with BlueSunrise (

New Software - mAgent by Laurent Weichberger: Java language (J2ME and J2EE) implementation of original design for Intelligent Mobile Agent framework, with small device and web client, using EJB Server Application. [In OOAD phase now]

New Book -  Sexuality and the Spiritual Path, by Don E. Stevens, Charles Haynes, David Carter, Ed Flanagan, Elias Petrides, Marlena Applebaum, and Laurent Weichberger (Companion Books, [in progress])

New Book - An Almost Perfect Balance, the Authorized Biography of Don E. Stevens, by Laurent Weichberger, Bruce Milburn, Wayne Smith, Robert Ryder, and Michael Lakey (Companion Books, no publishing date, still in research mode)

New Book - Perfectly Human, Stories of Meher Baba's Humanity, by Laurent Weichberger [with contributors]

New Book - The Evolution and Involution of Love, by Don E. Stevens and Laurent Weichberger [in progress]


none currently

Seminars & Presentations
New Seminar -  Looking In: Intuition with Meher Baba
A full day seminar based upon Meher Baba's words about Intuition, where it comes from and how it relates to the Spiritual Path, and life in the world (but hopefully not of it). Contact us to schedule this event. [Current Status: Laurent is creating a PowerPoint slide presentation, and hard copy work book for use in 2005.] Some questions to ponder: what is the difference between intuition, inspiration, insight and illumination? See related: New Book - Meher Baba's Gift of Intuition (above).


Meher Baba's Word & His Three Bridges
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Future Projects
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